After I purchase a report, who can access it?

All purchases are corporate licenses. Meaning, any purchase allows for use of the report by an unlimited number of employees within the same organization or enterprise worldwide. Each of the employees within this organization or enterprise may use the report on any computer, and may print out the report, but may not share the report with any other person or persons outside the enterprise or organization.

Purchasing Options

Can I purchase a report?

Yes… contact our sales team.

How do I immediately access a report?

Reports are available post congress. You can purchase a report in advance to have the report sent to your inbox the day it is published. All previously published reports are available for immediate purchase.

What is the report format?

All reports are delivered in PDF format with embedded navigation.

Is there a discount for multiple purchases?

Discounts are available when you purchase 3 or more reports in a calendar year.

Report Content

What is your methodology?

Breaking Data is an independent market analysis company that prides itself on supplying objective information for healthcare and life sciences companies. To see the sample pages of a report, please click here.

What is the selection process for the abstracts covered in each each report?

We are always tracking and predicting what data will read out and when. After the abstracts are posted online, we select them based on their potential (current and future) impact and relevance to clinical practice.

Can I receive a sample report?

Yes… contact our sales team.

Once purchased, can I follow up with any questions?

Yes, purchasing a report entitles you to access our analysts .

If I purchase one report, can I access the previous versions?

No, each report if distinct. However, if customers have specific questions regarding past reports, we do our best to accommodate their needs .

What is the structure of a report?

Before purchasing any one of our reports, a table of contents and select slides are available for review. To see the sample pages of a report, please click here.

I can’t find the right report, what can I do?

If you’re report is not available, please request a report. We will do our best to accommodate your needs.